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Perl output issue, there is none!

Hello Experts!

I have a question regarding a Perl script that evidently has no output and I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've attached some of the debug as well. Is it the line "next if int(length($data))<128;" that's causing the issue?

OS: Ubuntu Yakkety (WIN 10 is also available with Strawberry Perl)
Attached: Perl script and Sql dump I'm attempting to extract from


use strict;
use vars qw { $FILE };

$FILE = shift;
if ($FILE eq "") {
    die "Syntax: $0 [filename]\n";


sub parse {
    my($FILE) = @_;
    open(FILE, "<$FILE") || die "$FILE: $!";
    mkdir("./maptiles-output", 0755);
    while(<FILE>) {
        my $j = 0;
        my $contents = $_;
        next unless ($contents =~ /^INSERT /);
        my ($junk, $sql, $junk) = split(/\(|\)/, $contents);
        my ($zoom, $x, $y, $flags, $length, $data) = split(/\,/, $sql);
        $data =~ s/^X'//;
        $data =~ s/'$//;
        my $filename = "./maptiles-output/$x,$y\@$zoom.png";
        next if int(length($data))<128;
        print $filename . "\n";
        open(OUT, ">$filename") || die "$filename: $!";
        print int(length($data)) . "\n";
        while($j < length($data)) {
            my $hex = "0x" . substr($data, $j, 2);
            print OUT chr(hex($hex));
            $j += 2;

++ Debug Output (partial) ++
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