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802.1x and RDP Issues

Hello everyone,

We recently deployed 802.1x authentication on our campus network. However there's a peculiar issue we are facing when RDP'ing into a machine. Basically the behavior is, RDP session connects fine, but the session freezes and kicks the machine off the network. Then I can no longer ping it or remote into it.

We setup a restricted VLAN where if 802.1x fails, it fails over to the internet only VLAN (2350). I noticed from the switch logs after the RDP attempt, the switch puts the machine into this VLAN. See below for switch logs:

166670: Jan 30 15:53:41.614: %DOT1X-5-FAIL: Authentication failed for client (Un                                                                                                 known MAC) on Interface Gi2/0/44 AuditSessionID C0A8110500020CBD2AF2EB70
166671: Jan 30 15:53:41.614: %AUTHMGR-7-RESULT: Authentication result 'no-respon                                                                                                 se' from 'dot1x' for client (Unknown MAC) on Interface Gi2/0/44 AuditSessionID C                                                                                                 0A8110500020CBD2AF2EB70
166672: Jan 30 15:53:41.614: %AUTHMGR-7-FAILOVER: Failing over from 'dot1x' for                                                                                                  client (Unknown MAC) on Interface Gi2/0/44 AuditSessionID C0A8110500020CBD2AF2EB                                                                                                 70
166673: Jan 30 15:53:41.614: %AUTHMGR-7-NOMOREMETHODS: Exhausted all authenticat                                                                                                 ion methods for client (Unknown MAC) on Interface Gi2/0/44 AuditSessionID C0A811                                                                                                 0500020CBD2AF2EB70
166674: Jan 30 15:53:41.614: %AUTHMGR-5-VLANASSIGN: VLAN 2350 assigned to Interf                                                                                                 ace Gi2/0/44 AuditSessionID C0A8110500020CBD2AF2EB70

Any ideas?
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