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I have a mergefield in Word 2013 for the zip code and when I merge my document the zip code is not formatted properly for the zip codes that contain nine digit numbers - the dash is missing.  Is it possible for me to edit the mail merge field to include the dash if the number is nine digits?  I was able to edit the merge field for the date, i.e.,   I added the following formatting data: \@"dd MMMM yyyy" into the merge file of date. And the merge field of date showed the full date written out March 27, 2017 in lieu of 3/27/2017 -- trying to determine if I can do the same with the zip code field.  Thanks,
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pls try to
{IF{ MERGEFIELD Zip } > 99999""{ MERGEFIELD Zip \# "00000'-'0000" }" "{ MERGEFIELD Zip \# "00000"}-0000"}

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Thank you - I will give that a try.

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