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GEt users last logon time

I need a Powershell script that will get me the last logon time of a user
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If you base it on lastLogonTimeStamp you can use the lastLogondate property.
Get-ADUser -Identity username -Properties lastLogonDate

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Did you need the more accurate lastLogon value (which isn't replicated)?
No sense in reinventing the wheel:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

function Get-ADUserLastLogon([string]$userName)
  $dcs = Get-ADDomainController -Filter {Name -like "*"}
  $time = 0
  foreach($dc in $dcs)
    $hostname = $dc.HostName
    $user = Get-ADUser $userName | Get-ADObject -Properties lastLogon 
    if($user.LastLogon -gt $time) 
      $time = $user.LastLogon
  $dt = [DateTime]::FromFileTime($time)
  Write-Host $username "last logged on at:" $dt }

Get-ADUserLastLogon -UserName SaraDavis

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Thank you