How to compare a value returned by fileupload to ensure it contains 1 of 4 possible filename values (ASP.NET using C#) ?

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I am developing an ASP.NET application using C# and .Net Framework 4.0.

I employ the following statement to retrieve the value returned from a browse by the user:

txtFilename.Text = FileUpload2.PostedFile.FileName;

How would you compare the value contained in txtFilename.Text to ensure that it contains one of the following 4 values keeping in mind that txtFilename.Text is prefaced by a drive:
1) MonthlyChecks.txt 2) ML1.txt 3) OS_Mastfile.txt 4) ReversePositive.txt
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You can use Contains()

var values = new string[] {"MonthlyChecks.txt", "ML1.txt", "OS_Mastfile.txt", "ReversePositive.txt"};
var found = false;
foreach(var item in values) {
    if (txtFilename.Text.Contains(item)) {
    found = true;
//evaluate found and do something

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You could also use Path functions to get the filename from FileUpload2.PostedFile.FileName and do a direct comparison instead of contains()

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