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I am setting exchange 2013 server , it will be in same subnet as present exchange 2007 server.

we have a proxy server which directs OWA, autodiscover , active sync url to our present exchange 2007 server ( CAS server_

we have separate 2007 mailbox server.

1) does exchange 2013 server being installed on same subnet can create any issues with exchange 2007 servers which are in production now.
2) how exchange 2007 will talk to exchange 2013 or how validation will work
3) how we can create legacy url's  also do we need to create separate urls for exchange 2013 ( like owa, active sync , autodiscover) at same time.

4) is there any command shell I can use to find how many users are using OWA in exchange 2007?
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You will need to create legacy Exchange host names:

Use PerfMon to find the number of CAS connections to OWA:
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & Collaboration
Please take look at the following link in regards to 2007 & 2013 migration & co-existence setup:
SaberSupport Escalation Engineer

You'll only need to configure legacy host names for OWA and EWS. Exchange 2013 / 2007 coexistence is the only one that requires that legacy namespace.

Which also means you'll need a certificate on the Exchange 2007 servers with the legacy namespace in order for it to work seamless for the users.
E ATech Lead

See the proper configuration of URLs for Proxy and Redirection - Exchange 2007/2013 CoExistence URLs:

Step-by-step guide for migrating from Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2013:

Hope this helps!

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