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A client has a large data folder that he was using with OneDrive at one time and apparently had issues with long file names. The syncing to Onedrive gave him obvious errors that wouldn't allow him to successfully sync so he stopped syncing and continued to keep his data on his local machine. Supposedly he has renamed the offending files but I suspect there will be many that are still longer than Windows allows.

Fast forward to now and he wants to install a Synology NAS for his local file sharing. Is there a good file transfer program that will allow data transfer and log the files it cannot move due to things such as file names etc?  Also that would not stop when it comes across errors?

Please, let's not make this about the good or bad of Synology or Onedrive.

Thanks so much.
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You could try TeraCopy or CopyTo will get errors but it won't abort at the first file exceed the max length.

Remember you are dealing with an OS limitation so you are going to have issues regardless of application.
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He actually has two problems.

The first is file names that are too long and the second is paths (folder path plus file name) that are too long.

There are utils out there that can check for these and I suggest he run these first before even considering copying or backing up.

This is one and also

Other people may make suggestions as well.  Note that there is one out there called Long Path Tool but that seems to be a dubious application.
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I would recommend a small shareware utility called Beyond Compare (  This tool sports a graphical interface that makes it very easy to compare the source and target folders, manually copying data files as you go, and keeping track of what doesn't copy correctly.  You can then rename files, manually delete them, or whatever  you need to do to fix it -- all from the GUI.  And, if you like it and decide to buy it, it also has a command-line scripting option so that you can have it continue to synchronize your data automatically.
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These are great help. Thanks all for your masterful answers. Yes, the long filenames is the main issue but I wasn't aware of the utilities.
This is awesome.
Thanks again.

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