Drop Down not working in mobile- Bootstrap

www dot mostlydesserts.com  - on this site, if you click on Products in mobile, the drop down doesn't appear. I'm not sure what I've done wrong, I've checked it against the bootstrap information.

It probably is another part of the navigation blocking it, but I haven't been able to figure that out yet, can you help?
Melody ScottAsked:
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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
you have at least one js not loading,
GET http://www.mostlydesserts.com/owl-carousel/owl.carousel.js 404 (Not Found)

which causes a js error, js errors can cause all subsequent js to not work
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that! That was something I missed. However, I uploaded it, and the drop down still is not working in mobile.
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
sanity check, change "Products" from a href to jut plain text

i.e.: change

<a class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">Products
        <span class="caret"></span></a>
to just

        <span class="caret"></span>

do you still have the same issue?
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Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Yes, it looks like I still have the same issue. www.mostlydesserts.com/about.html - My own sanity check.. I am seeing this in mobile testers like Chrome developer and http://mobiletest.me. I don't actually have a smart phone with me... are you able to check it on an actual phone?
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
tried it on an android, closes the menu as soon as i hit products, does not expand
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
i still see the link as an href, make it just plain text
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, you're right, I thought I'd done it, but I uploaded it to the wrong directory. It should be good now, I'll check to see if it helped.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Ok, did that, and it looked like this, so I changed it back.

James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
its not the look, i needed to test the functionality, there is code affecting ul li a instances, I wanted to check if that is what is causing the issue, some cSs can make the text look right while testing
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
oh, ok. I put it on a test page - go to /test.html on that site. Thanks.
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
yes, it looks like the code for opening closing the menu doesn't understand sub menu items, it reads that the anchor was clicked, but doesn't know to expand the sub menu on mobile

pretty sure it is this block of code
// Closes the Responsive Menu on Menu Item Click
$('.navbar-collapse ul li a').click(function() {

Open in new window

that is causng the issue

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Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Ok, Thanks, I'll work with that and see what I can do. Appreciate it! I'll leave this open, I may have another question....
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
That was it, thanks so much! If I comment that out, the problem goes away. It doesn't seem to cause any new problems that I can find.
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
yea, looks kind of strange, should all be handled by css

FYI, the submenu text is a little hard to see on my screen, a little dark compared to the background
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