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Email Send REcieve Problem on TMG 2010

Hello Everyone,
I have an issue, I have installed tmg 2010 on server 2008 r2 i create access rule like; ping, http, https, smtp. pop3 etc, Internet is working fine on clinet end but emails are not working on office 2o1o windows 7. i did not install client on user's end manually set proxy on explorer, internet is working fine but emails are not working. Outlook showing this error;
outlook can not connect to smtp server
outlook can not connect to pop server
outlook configuration is by default port 25 and 110
one more thing is that when i put my mail server name like it is showing this error;
outlook can not find the server please check etc.......

Anyone please help.....?
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Satish Auti
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Are you using an exchange server? Unless you're using an external mail server like google then you shouldn't need to use those types of addresses.

Could you clarify your mail server please.


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Muzaffar Hussain


I have my own company domain and my mail server name is
without tmg all emails are working fine but with tmg internet is working but not email while i have set the value of outlook 0 to 1 in firewall application setting.
Dear Experts....!
I'm  still waiting for your best suggestion to resolve this issue.
Dear Experts....!
Email send recieve problem has been sort out it was client configuration problem. thanks to all but now my query is that I can send and recieve my emails via mail server ip not domain name. this problem also occurs in isa 2000 and 2006 and now in TMG 2010 can I send emails via mail server name??
Thank you soo much all of you experts :)