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Site-to-site VPN

     I have Sonicwall firewall at location A and fortinet 60D firewall at location B.
And both the device's are connected with site-to-site VPN tunnel.
In location B, I have two WAN ports connected to internet , In which WAN1 is connected to the Sonicwall.
If internet connection drops in WAN1 VPN gets disconnected.Both the WAN ports has Static IP address.

1)How can I switch to WAN2 and connect to the existing VPN when WAN1 disconnects?
2)Should I create a new VPN connection using WAN2 to the Sonicwall firewall.
3) Please let me know is there any best way to switch automatically to another WAN and keep the VPN up running.
* FortinetVPNSonicWall

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8/22/2022 - Mon