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Access Application Initial Installation

Whenever an Access Application using VBA code is installed for the first time, the system blocks execution of VBA (as a precaution against running potentially malicious code) and I get a message asking if I want to "Enable Content".  This could be worded differently depending on the version of Access being used.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening without compromising security?  This is problem when using a "Runtime" version of Access!


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You will always need to run as administrator the first time.  After that it should not be necessary, this is because Access writes files in the System32 folder on first run.  You also must have a printer installed, even if it is fake, otherwise access will not be able to generate reports.
You can create a shortcut and run a script that takes care of this. You can find that here:

Deploy and update a Microsoft Access application in a Citrix environment

You may be able to reduce it a bit as you probably need one frontend copy only.

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Thanks, I will try this.
Can't do that in a with a Runtime version!  I was hoping for some code that would take care of the problem.
You can ... create a script file that will write the same information to the Registry that creates Trusted Locations and sets security to Low.
But this assumes on whatever system that the user has permissions to write to the registry.
.......which in this particular case I don't.  I'll just have to ask the guys who Manage the Domain Server to give me temporary Administrator privileges, at which point I can edit the Registry myself.

Thanks for the info.  At the very least I learned something.
That should not be needed. My script referenced above runs with normal user rights.

Thanks Gustav,

But in this particular case I don't have even the possibility of creating a BAT file to run this script.  The Desktop itself resides on the Domain Server and is wright protected!!

However there will be other situations where I can use this script,

Come to think of it ... the script I use does not require Local Admin Rights either ... as it only writes to Current User..
It just sets the TLs and set Macro (in)Security to Low.