SQL Query - is this correct?


I have the following SQL Query:

INSERT INTO Archive_E2LTORI SELECT * FROM E2LTORI WHERE LGNUM = '" & prRS("LGNUM") & "' AND TANUM = '" & prRS("TANUM") & "' AND VBELN ='" & Delivery & "' AND VBELN NOT IN(SELECT VBELN from Archive_E2LTORI where VBELN= '" & Delivery & "'

It basically copys data from the LIVE table to the arichive table.

The problem is that I kept getting a a primary key issue - so I then added the "NOT IN" so that the query makes sure that the combo exists before inserting.

My question is:

Is this correct?   Or should I add the addtional fields the the NOT IN part?
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
When archiving data you must assure that the data you're going to archive is not archived yet.
The NOT IN clause is just one of the many solutions that you have to achieve this.
SmashAndGrabAuthor Commented:
I think the query should be ..

INSERT INTO Archive_E2LTORI SELECT * FROM E2LTORI WHERE LGNUM = '" & prRS("LGNUM") & "' AND TANUM = '" & prRS("TANUM") & "' AND VBELN ='" & Delivery & "' AND VBELN NOT IN(SELECT VBELN from Archive_E2LTORI LGNUM = '" & prRS("LGNUM") & "' AND TANUM = '" & prRS("TANUM") & "' AND VBELN ='" & Delivery & "')

I think?
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Try with NOT EXISTS instead:
WHERE LGNUM = '" & prRS("LGNUM") & "' AND TANUM = '" & prRS("TANUM") & "' AND VBELN ='" & Delivery & "' 
			FROM Archive_E2LTORI a

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Chris LuttrellSenior Database ArchitectCommented:
What is your primary key in the Archive_E2LTORI table?
What do you want to do if the record already exists, nothing, just do not insert again?  What if other columns have changed?
Select * is bad practice for production code, and not specifying the columns in the insert.  This will break if someone modifies either table on you.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
SmashAndGrab, a feedback will be appreciated.
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