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Why do messages keep disappearing from MS Outlook 2016 sent folder

Recently our desk side support tech re-imaged my computer which seemed to resolve the issue of sent messages disappearing from my sent folder in MS Outlook 2016. However, after one day the problem came back. I know the sent messages are still on the exchange server as I can see all my sent messages whenever I log into web mail or use another workstation. They tried deleting and then re-creating my local outlook profile and deleted the .OST file from the local profile on my C: drive as well which seemed to resolve the issue for a few hours... but then it would come back and the messages from my "sent" folder would disappear again. No sure what might be causing this issue.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
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1. Check to see if sent messages are being set to Expire after so many days. Go to File, Options, click on Mail, and scroll down to Send messages. See if Mark messages as expired after this many days is checked.

2. Is AutoArchive enabled? Under same Outlook Options window, click on Advanced (on left menu), and click Auto Archive Settings.

If both of these features are enabled, Sent messages expire after so many days then AutoArchive deletes them..

If all else fails your workplace may have a retention policy in place that removes them automatically (if using exchange/O365 as your backend email solution)
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Thank you again Tom for the assistance.
You are very welcome :)