htaccess - disable PHP in specific directory

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I have a folder called "uploads" that I want to ensure PHP cannot be executed within.  

To accomplish that - would I just place an htaccess file within that directory - with:

php_flag engine off

in it?
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Change permissions on upload to 733 allowing uploads but denying reads.
The other option is make sure the PHP page that facilitates uploads saves the data to a folder outside the web server path with a separate script that enumerates and displays those files as a list and that script is the only way the uploaded files can be downloaded.

I.e. /var/www/html as the base of webserver your upload.php will save the file in /var/www/mydomain_uploads where there is no Apache directive to access I it by the web server
My guess in the above example your upload folder is in the Apache web path such as /var/www/html/anyfolder/mydomain_uploads

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