Best place to buy jupiter - 80 keyboard?

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I am getting a Jupiter - 80 keyboard for my new band, but there are quite a few places to buy it from.
The one I have now has broken buttons, and is still under warranty.
I've sent for a mail-it-back-and-get-a-refund, but I have to buy a new one somewhere else.

I can find a new one for $2499 on
Full Compass
Is there a better option somewhere else?

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Hi beavoid, the problem here is which country are you residing in?
You dont have any info in your bio.
I'm in Australia and the only key I got from you is that you use dollars not Euro.
Buying online you'll have to include transporting costs, tax if applicable.
Does this keyboard also include the synthesizer or just the keyboard piano type?
I mean it's easy for me to google but for you without knowing which country I can't really help you.
I bought my  keyboard locally and from a store I could actually play it first.
It now sits in my cupboard as I can use my PC with software like Fruity Loops to create my own music.
As you are in a band I would search for stores locally in the same country and then look for user feedback and hands on.
Amazon is excellent for this
As I said if you describe your keyboard better as there different types
Roland Jupiter-80 $2499.00
User feedback 2 out of 5 stars no actual feedback
Roland Jupiter-80 Live Synth w/USB & MIDI-76 Key - New $2,499.00
User feedback 5 stars out of 5 stars with 1 feedback.
Rolland home JUPITER-80 synthesizer  SSP $3,799.00
As always there is ebay, with ebay you get buyer protection as well. But it's from anywhere in the world
I dont like to post ebay links as they are temporary.
Sos here's a general page, guess what it's sold out in Australia. 5 stars
There is a used one here with 5 stars rating and would have buy warranty and protecton
Roland Jupiter 80 keyboard 76 Key Synthesizer
US $1,925.00 30 day return and 1 year warranty
Hope it helps you and good luck, just be buyer smart check out the sellers and user feedback
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