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Conditional Sum of field in detail records field where condition is based on field in parent

JerryC4174 asked
Last Modified: 2017-03-28
I have a report that provides a list of all transactions and there details.  I would like to sum a field within the report but restrict the items to to a field value that is within the parent form.  In the code below I want the amount summed if the Drug = 'ACE' (this field is in the detailed record) and the TransactionType = 'Inventory Add'.  Transaction Type is found in the parent but not in the detailed record.  If I remove the TransactionType qualifier the summation works and adds up all the amount when Drug = 'ACE' so I suspect it is a problem with the TransactionType not part of the detailed record.  How can I fix this?

=Sum(IIf([Drug]='ACE' And [TransactionType]='Inventory Add',[Amount],0))
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