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Cisco SG200 VLAN

maredzki asked
Last Modified: 2017-04-03
I have 4 Cisco SG200 series switches which are daisy chained with fiber. I need to create an extra VLAN but currently there are none on the system. I'm thinking about starting at the front end (server room) and and going to the last one. The uplinks are already trunks but need to make sure they are passing the VLANs. I guess the best approach would be to add all of the current devices (surveillance cameras) to a vlan and when that works I will have a working platform to add the second vlan.  Should they ports be tagged when adding them to a vlan?

What do you guys think?
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What do you mean there's non on the system?  You can create about 4094 VLANs


I meant there are non configured, I think I stated it clearly when I said "that I need to create an extra VLAN but currently there are none on the system" - as in non-configured currently.
well by the use of "extra" you made it seem like you already had some prior.  But anyways, yes VLAN would be good diea if you going to use the switch for more than just video surveillance


Can you give any pointers as to how to proceed with this to minimized issues?
Create the VLANs across all your switches.
Move one surveillance device to the new VLAN.

Can you give me an idea how your network is laid out?
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I provided all of the details for the solution. I originally didn't have time to investigate that's why I reached out to EE, but plans changed.