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JavaScript Arrays and objects

I am getting back an object from a rest call which contains results from a SharePoint REST call.  The returned data has dups (which are indeed in the list).

I want to dedup the data and then return it to be used elsewhere.  It looks something like the following:

function DedupeList(flist) {
                var listlength = flist.length;
                var newObject=[];
                var currentID = flist.results[0].FID;
                for (var ptr=1; ptr<listlength; ptr++) {
                                if (flist.results[ptr].FID!=currentID) {
                                                currentID = flist.results[ptr].FID;
                return newFilmsObject;                

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The issue is I want to return an object like the passed in data set from the REST call and am not sure if the array I am using to build the deduped set will work.
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Would you like to give us an object sample to see the structure of the object that you want to dedup?
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