Wordpress - Removing Two Unneccesary HTTP calls from Home Page (preferably via functions.php if practical?).

John H
John H used Ask the Experts™
Hi folks, within devtools>network I have two unnecessary HTTP calls for 2 image files being that are not needed on the homepage of www.recoveryaudio.org.  One is from a plugin, one is from the parent theme.

The files in question are:

Is there some kind of slick way I can use functions.php to prevent them from being called?

Note:  I have some code in functions.php I can share that dequeues a script from the homepage (via page ID, but I can't figure out in the codex how to delete or prevent  these http calls on the homepage.

Thanks in advance for the advice/help!
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IT Guru
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You could add a line or two to your htaccess file that does something like denies access to the files, loads a 1 pixel image file instead, or perhaps just loads a copy of a file that's already been included in the page (which would prevent an extra image being loaded).
Terry WoodsIT Guru
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How are you going with this?

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