Assignment from incompatible pointer type?

This part of my program is giving me an incompatible pointer type warning on the fourth line:

void add(queue *q, int x)
    node_pointer temp;
    temp = (queue)malloc(sizeof(struct queuenode));
    temp -> data = x;
    temp -> next = NULL;

    if ((*q)==NULL)
        (*q) -> front = temp;
        (*q) -> back = temp;
        (*q) -> back -> next = temp;
        (*q) -> back = temp;

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These are the headers that include the type defs.

typedef struct queuenode {
    int data;
    struct queuenode *next;
} *node_pointer;

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typedef struct endpointer {
    node_pointer front;
    node_pointer back;
} *queue;

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The pseudo code reads:
Receives queue via pass by reference and data to be added via pass by value
Allocates memory for new queuenode structure and assigns it to temp (a queue)
sets the data portion equal to the item to be added
sets the next pointer to point to the NULL
the new node will always point to NULL.
   If the queue is empty
        set both front and back to this new node
       attach it to to the next pointer of the back node
      move back pointer to this new node since it is now the last node in the queue
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if temp is a 'node_pointer' you should do

temp = (node_pointer)malloc(sizeof(struct queuenode));

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granted that the node_pointer was defined as 'struct queuenode *'.

generally i would prefer not to use alias type with ambiguous name but the original

struct queuenode * temp = NULL;
temp = (struct queuenode *)malloc(sizeof(struct queuenode));

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it seems to me that the naming of your structures and typedef's and the mix up of structures and pointers to structures is likely to confuse you when writing code.

you definitively should avoid to use ambiguous and inconsistent names.

why not simply have

typedef struct node
     int data;
     struct node * next;
} node;

typedef struct queue
     node * front;
     node * back;
} queue;

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the asterisk * much better tells that you were dealing with pointers as if you were using 'node_pointer' and 'queue' type where the first is pointer to struct 'queuenode' while the second is a pointer to struct 'end_pointer' what actually is not only a miserable naming but completely wrong.

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