how to make search between pages

Hi,I have another problem.I have form with 5 pages,each page contains same data table,how to put search button in form so it can search all pages,all data tables at the same time
Karolina SanovicAsked:
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Can you clarify which application you are using? Is it VB6 as the topic 'Visual Basic Classic' would suggest?
It would help to post your code.
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
I am using Visual Basic,and at the moment I made something,not sure what,but my form is frozen cant do anything on switching pages or change anything on the form,help please
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
I resolve freezing screen
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If the screen is still frozen, have you tried opening Task Manager and using it to stop the application? If that doesn't help I suggest that you restart your computer.
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
The screen is ok,but I m still trying to make search between pages,I wellcome any help
>>each page contains same data table
>>search all pages,all data tables
Do you have 1 or 5 datatables? According your photo you have only one BindingSource. In this case code should be smth like this
Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim idx = Solina1BindingSource3.Find(YourStringColumnName, "Whatever1")
    'or Dim idx = Solina1BindingSource3.Find(YourIntegerColumnName, 5)
    If idx >-1 then Solina1BindingSource3.Position = idx
End Sub

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Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
Hi Ark
thanks for help but that is old picture I do have more datatables. 6 pages and 6 data
It is better to send a screen capture instead of a photograph. You can get this on one of two ways.
You can put the picture into the Windows clipboard by pressing the PrintScrn button. Then you can open Windows Paint and paste into a new image.
Alternatively you can use the Windows Snipping tool. The allows you to select and copy only a part of the whole screen.

(I can't help with you particular problem as I am only a novice with VB.Net.)
1. Is there same criteria to search for each datatable or there are different criteria for each?
2. Are you binding data with bindingsource for each datatable?
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
I would like to have search by keyword and to make search in all datatables.
My datatables have each bindingsource for it self ,Solina1BindingSource ....Solina1BindingSource5
Private Sub SearchData(searchColumn As String, searchValue As Object, ParamArray sources As BindingSource())
    For Each bs In sources
        Dim idx = bs.Find(searchColumn, searchValue)
        If idx > -1 Then bs.Position = idx
End Sub

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SearchData("YourColumnName", TextBox1.Text, Solina1BindingSource, Solina2BindingSource, Solina3BindingSource ....

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Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
Do I put text box and button in my Form for this search and where sould write "Using:....."
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
this is working when I am searching one datasource
 but- example when I save more informations for one column(this example shows date column) when Iam searching it shows only first information,how to make it show all informations for that date.
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
also how to put error msg if that number (text) in search is not value
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
Hi I found code that I needed but I have error could anyone see and try to resolve my error,Please.
Here is picture.
Karolina SanovicAuthor Commented:
Hello,just because I am not a geek I dont see why someone souldnt help me.I really want to make it work but I need help.The date search works but other two dont,I know the problem is in writting two words košnica br(the number of hive) and matica godina(queen year bearth)  I tried writte them together,separately but dont know how to resolve it.
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