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Lync/Skype for Buisness Profile Picture

We are unable to update one of our users Skype Pictures. Her picture was older and she requested that we update it with a new one he supplied us with which we uploaded via exchange management console shell. We upload it just how we have uploaded it before which gave no errors. After around 24 hours I checked my Skype for Business to make sure the picture updated and it did. A few days later she contacted us again mentioning the picture did not update. It was still changed on our end but she was still seeing the same picture. This has happened a few times with users and typically we just need to close out of Skype and it updates. When we did this the picture changed to a blank on her end until her next login. We have tried re uploading the picture and going through some of the previous steps again and it still did not update. I Imagine the old picture is save somewhere in a cache on her profile, but I am unable to find where it may be. Does anyone have anything I should try or look for?
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Thank you for the response. We are running lync server 2010 with Skype for Business on the front end. We would prefer to not uninstall and reinstall anything.
You only have to uninstall on the problem users' systems not the server portion of Skype for Business--the problem is local to her system and not the server
We run on a citrix server environment so Skype is running on our logon servers. I apologize for leaving this information out in my original question.
OK so how is she connecting to the server--any other issues with that? I am assuming her profile is on the server that loads to her "client" each time he/she logs in? If that is the case then the picture should be the same so there must be something about your setup that I am not understanding. Did you do a search on her profile to see if you can find that picture?
I have searched just about all of the profile that I am aware of, but I was unable to find the picture anywhere. If I am not mistaken when the picture is uploaded it stores in Active Directory. If this is true I am not sure how to check to see if there is multiple pictures there.
Could this picture be coming from her Windows logon picture on her local system? If not I don't know what else to suggest other then to rename her current profile and thus force a recreation of a new profile (which I know you are hoping to avoid).
is Exchange in hybrid mode or any other utility you are using to creation/updating account info in AD?

I have seen such situation in my career where one customized tool was being used to update account info and that was also updating Photo attribute in AD.

Or in case Hybrid if you have setup write back to photo attribute in AD.