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Set auto reply to all incoming messages for particular mailbox Exchange 2010

I am looking for a way to set an automated response on a mailbox in Exchange 2010 that will respond to every email sent to the particular mailbox. Automatic Replies/Out of Office will only respond to the sender once. I have also attempted using a Hub transport rule, but the only automated response available is a rejection NDR. With this the response email looks like a rejection and the original message does not make it to the recipients inbox inside of my organization. I've also attempted setting up a rule that responds with an Outlook template, but this does not seem to be working either.

Does anyone know of a 3rd party app that can achieve this for me, or something integrated into Exchange 2010?
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You can do that using OWA or PowerShell. Take a look at this Microsoft article for details:
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This does provide an auto reply, however it will only send it once for each sender. I need the ability to send an auto response every time an email is sent to a particular mailbox, regardless of whether the sender has sent multiple messages to the recipient with the auto reply enabled.
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