VMware Fault Tolerance between remote sites

David Haycox
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We have a requirement to make two VMs (SQL Server and web front-end server) as highly available as possible, and have been considering VMware Fault Tolerance.

Is this feasible to do at two physically separate sites?  Connectivity is a 40Mb leased line at site A, with 10/40 fibre to the cabinet at site B.
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Do you have shared storage at each site ?

A requirement for FT is the VMs must be on shared storage, so therefore a Host A at Site A, and Host B at Site B, must access the same storage, if these two sites are isolated and standalone, this will not satisfy the requirements, you also need 10GBe for the FT logging.

otherwise you will need to look at products from Vision Solutions e.g. Double Take HA ?
David HaycoxConsultant Engineer


Thanks, that all makes sense!

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