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I have time warner at home n want to host some website
I use window server 2012 with iis

Can you show me what I need to do?
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Most ISPs do not allow you to publicly access a web site at home on a residential account.  You normally have to have a business account with them to get public access.


Any helps?
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Being able to host a website or not really depends on what is given by your ISP.  First you will need to find out if your ISP has given you an account with a public IP address or not.  Due to limited ip addresses some ISP probably will give you a NATed ip address.  

If you are given a public IP then it may still be possible to host your website using Dynamic DNS.  To check whether you are given a public IP or NATed private ip, you will need to login to your router and look at the assigned ip address.

After you determine that and if it is a public ip address then you can look at the below for further configuration on DDNS.

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