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I have an open question about how to set up Send AS ( ) but now it is all setup but there is a weird bug in it: I log on 2 different computers with the same username and do the same "send as" and on one computer it doesn't work and the other it is working...???
I closed Outlook = same problem, I closed the computer and relog in and it is still doesn't work.

If it was Permissions issues why would it be working on one computer?

I have log on 2 different computers where that user never logon and the sent as was working...! His computer runs Office 2007 and the other 2 Office 2010, could that be that? Or is it because his profile was created on the other computers for the first time when doing my test while on his real computer, it always have been there.
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There is two way to do this Locally on the client and Globally on the server. Globally will affect all clients and locally will affect just that one client. Did you enable the permissions on the Exchange Server? Or did you enable the permissions on Outlook 2007 client and the open Outlook 2010 client to see if the perms where there? If you just did it on the 2007 client, that won't affect the 2010 clients.

What version of Exchange are you using?


I'm using exchange 2003 and I did the permission change using the AD User tool. I didn't know that exchange permissions could be modified by client computers...?
The outlook user can modify it's own send as permissions.

I am not familiar with Ex2003 or the AD User tool you are referring to but Exchange 2007 on up you can make those changes using the Exchange Management Console (EMC) or the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and those changes are global changes. My guess is that since you have Exchange 2003 the permissions aren't working for Outlook 2010 because it's Exchange 2003. I would try setting it locally for the Outlook 2010 machine and see if it works.

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