How do I Hide/UnHide a  'Synced' User from the Office 365 Address list

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I've recently installed ADConnect and started Office 365 from on-premise.  I previously created O365 users with a scirt and set them to 'hide/unhide' from address list.  Now the O365 GUI and powershell can't manage O365 directly anymore.  Forums suggest using the attribte msExchHideFromAddressLists (local AD) attribute (TRUE/FALSE) -- this isn't having any effect.  I've also seems use SHOWINADDRESSLIST (local AD) attribute.  SHOWINADDRESSLIST  complains about values I've attemted - true/fale,global address list, etc..  What is appropriate value for the field.  It's currently 'not set'.  Toggling msExchHideFromAddressLIsts seems to have no effect either way.  I have a user a need unhidden and others I need hidden.  They just remain as previously set before ADSYNC was installed.  How do I do this now -- post ADSYNC?
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Once you had the changed the attribute have your forced a sync with ADSYNC?
To force a delta sync:

Start Windows PowerShell on the server running the ADsync and type

Import-Module ADSync

 followed by

 Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta
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The msExchHideFromAddressLists is the way to go, however in order to use it you need to have the on-prem schema extended with the Exchange attributes. And, you must also populate some other attributes so that the object is recognized as valid Exchage recipient, otherwise AAD Connect will not sync it. In particular, the mailnickname attribute must be populated too.
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Thanks for your help.

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