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Excel Combine Multiple worksheets into one

I am having trouble combining 200+ worksheets into one sheet. I have attached a sample file to show the data, and what it should look like. There is a sheet called Template to show what every sheet looks like, they are all in the same format, but not every information is filled. I added two sample data sheets called, '3M ESPE Retraction Capsule' and 'Acupeds'. The sheet called 'Final' shows what it should look like after those two sheets are combined into 'Final'. I need some help for combining multiple sheets (200+ sheets). Is there a macro to do this so I don't have to do it manually?
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Professor J

I personally don't think you can find a better and easier solution other than free Addin by Ron , you can download from here

If this does not help you then you can come back and we will try to help you
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I dont think this will work, as the my original templates' headers are not in columns, and I want to put this in columns as well.
Still looking for some help on this
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Shums Faruk
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Thanks for that, it worked! I was busy with something else so I didn't have time to test it immediately
You're Welcome Bob! Glad I was able to help.