SQL 2008   SSRS issue with displaying bmp images on the report

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I have a network folder that has 10,000 images that are small bmp files.    They are stored with the naming convention of   6300.bmp where the 6300 will change to 6301, 6302 and so on for each part image.  The 4 digits in front of the bmp is the part number.  I have an SSRS report that needs to have the image to show up along with the part number.     Currently we have a report written in FoxPro that will allow for the image to be printed and all the program needed was the path of the image and it would print on the FoxPro report.      It looks like you cannot use a server path to access an image on an SSRS report. SSRS is looking for a web page or a static embedded image, like a logo that is stored in the Report Server.     That part works but if I am printing a part page and I need to select the image for the part to come from the server location that has the 10,000 images.    Is the only way to do this is by storing the images in a SQL table as binary field?    If I have to do that then how is the best way to get the images from the file server into the SQL server table?      In Access 2016 I was able to save the attachment path in a table and was able to print the image based on that path.   Why can't I do the same in SQL?

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I havent done it myself however I wonder if you still have the Access database table/report if you could try to use that in SSRS as described here:


And it seems like that "The pictures that appear alongside product names in a product list are examples of data-bound images." as said here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/reporting-services/report-design/add-a-data-bound-image-report-builder-and-ssrs 
therefore that image should be stored inside the SQL database not on the file system and only path in the DB.

However if we look here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/reporting-services/report-design/add-an-external-image-report-builder-and-ssrs there is a way to "Add an External Image (Report Builder and SSRS)" from the file store not only inside the database.


Thanks for the information

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