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SSRS 2013 - Finding Datasets/StoredProcedures

Last Modified: 2018-03-27
Hi Experts,

Is it possible to search many Solutions/Reports for content within many dataset(s)?

I created a Common Stored Procedure:
Common_Scandate  <== Stored Procedure for dropdown on the SSRS report .rdl   All current reports that use the Scandate dropdown will be using this SP.  
There are many reports (.rdl) that use random Scandate SP's Like:
UniqueScandateTop3 <== Stored Procedure that will be deleted
UniqueScandate <==== Stored Procedure that will be deleted
Scandate_Top1 <===Stored Procedure that will be deleted
Etc(what ever the creator of the report used to name the SP's).....

All (.rdl)'s that use Scandate Dropdown will be changed within the (.rdl) file Dataset to the SP Named: Common_Scandate

Currently I am manually going into each (.rdl) file and changing the Dataset to "Exec Common_Scandate"   I don't mind doing this part manually but finding the reports that use the Scandate Dropdown and having a list is what I need.  

Does SSRS provide a report that shows All Report name(s), DataSet Name(s) and DataSet Content  within a solution?  

Example would be:
HistoricalMap.rdl <== This report would have a Scandate Dropdown for when each Map was Scanned.
DataSet Name: Main "Exec MainStoredProcedure"
DataSet Name: Scandate  "Exec UniqueScandate " <== Finding this I could change to: Common_Scandate

Thank You....
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lcohanDatabase Analyst

I believe that "SSRS Diagnostics Report Pack" that can be found here http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Reporting+Services+(SSRS)/69257/ is an excellent source for all you need in order to admin your SSRS reporting server with many admin reports.


Hi Experts,

The link is what I think I am looking for but I have a problem with uploading into a secure environment a zip file.  So I take it there is no option (or way) to produce such a report from SSRS?  If I recall MS Access Reports has this as an option off the menu bar, a detailed report.

please help and thanks
Database Analyst
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Great thanks