how to download all email attachments in "g suite" (fka 'google apps' and similar to gmail)

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I usually use outlook, so forgive this dumb questions about gmail.  

I have g suite account which received 5 emails and each email has 10 attachments.

I want to download the attachments to my c drive.  

I have followed several links, but none seem to work.
For instance, one link  says highlight the thread then click "forward all" to  yourself, then receive the forwarded email, and click "download all".

But each email is independent, not part of a thread.

And, all is see is "forward", not a forward all.
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Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic Evangelist

Click on each attachment and the download icon.


Did I forget to explain that I don't want to do 50 clicks?
I thought that was obvious.

I can understand why such a simple function might be missing from free Gmail, but I pay actual money for G Suite, and I would expect such a feature there
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic Evangelist

Unfortunately, you would need to click on the files individually.  This is a gap that also exists in Drive.  In Drive, if you download multiple files at once, it will create a zipfile rather than downloading multiple files.
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Ugly ugly ugly ugly shame on google .

I'll leave this open a few days in I hopes someone has a better solution.
So, I have a slightly better approach.

This only worked because my outlook was already configured to receive as a Pop3 server, and I already had a 3rd party  search 8 utility ( which does real time indexing of incoming outlook emails.

1. Install "Multi Forward for Gmail"  chrome addin
2. forward the emails from to
3. after outlook receives them wait a few minutes while x1 indexes them.
4. use federated search query:    from:me@gsuitedomain name:jpg
5. x1 presents an Explorer like view showing the 100 attachments.
6. select the 100 attachments > control c to clipboard
7. navigate to c:\mydestination > control p to paste

Ugly, but it gets the job done.  Of course, I did not save any time because of all the monkeying around.

But, the next time I need to download 100 attachments, the above procedure will be much faster than 100 clicks.

And, in case somebody is wondering why I didn't use X1 when the emails originally arrived two weeks ago:
This is because the original sender's email ( were treated as Junk and Outlook stripped off the attachments.  So x1 could not see them.
But, since is on my white list, the forwards all came down perfectly.


Allen's solution was "click download 100 times".

My solution was "Use 3 different software packages and click about a dozen times" .

For the 100 attachments, both solutions are equally ugly.  But, if I ever have 1000 attachments, my solution would be better.


P.S. I am still disgusted that g suite does not have a better way of doing this.

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