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Marty Nickison
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I am moving into a role as part of a SCCM Admin at my company. Previous to that; I have worked as part of a team in Sys Admin support for Windows servers; physical and virtual (VMWare and Citrix). I am writing to ask those of you who work with this product for any advice or guidance on what I should learn or how I should approach learning this "fairly new to me" aspect of Microsoft's product suite?

Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
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Angelo AnelloCloud Consultant
try this link.

there are heaps of articles to help you on your way
One of the first things that i would do is create a Hydration Kit and deploy an SCCM lab if you have the capability:

The next thing i would do is follow along with step-by-step task at windows-noob (This site is a literal gold mine on SCCM, I learned much of what i know from it):

If your company provides it get some training towards an MCSE: Mobility Certification:

Blog about your experiences. I am a strong believer that teaching others help you hone your own skills

Get a Twitter account and follow the industry greats. They post daily tidbits on SCCM related content, inlcuding the features of the new releases:

Niall C. Brady - @ncbrady (Windows-Noob)
Johan Arwidmark - @jarwidmark
Ami Casto - @MDTPro
Kent Agerlund - @agerlund
Anoop C Nair - @anoopmannur
Gerry Hampson - @GerryHampson
Peter Daalmans - @pdaalmans
Prajwal Desai - @PrajwalDesai

Feel free to follow me as well @sccmcanuck or at, or here on EE. I'm just starting in the ways of community contribution but happy to help or give advice where i can.

Good luck on your SCCM career. It is a vastly complicated product that offers massive ROI when implemented and used properly.


Thank you for your FAST, AND DETAILED INPUT !! I will start on these action items very soon here.

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