Could you help me to understand something on the website


I went to this website and I have noticed interesting article

But I do not understand this "Be wary of services which ask you to provide log-in credentials for a number of different email providors – this is a trick scammers use to a widen their phishing net, allowing them to steal details from lots of users. "

Could you help me to understand this ?
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I think it's pretty simple.  What valid reason is there for any site to request your login credentials for any other site?

I would go along with the warning, but I'd leave out "a number of different".  I would be wary of any site that asks you for login credentials for ANY site other than itself.

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AntzsInfrastructure ServicesCommented:
It should actually just read "Do not and never provide login credentials to anyone or anything which asks for it"

Even banks dont ask you for your login credentials.
This ties back to security awareness training and knowing what to look for. You can't trust sites that claim to be able to leverage any random authentication system. Besides, the websites that do authenticate again email provider's authentication systems would never utilize AOL. Additionally, you can't authenticate against any random email provider's system. Dropbox will legitimately let you sign in using a Google account, but no other email-related system.

Long story short, don't trust a system that generically says "Please log in with your email credentials". It sounds great on the surface because it is one less thing to sign up for, but in reality it is a lie and a scam.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Well common sense should prevail, if I'm not on then I shouldn't be using my facebook login credentials and etc. Comodo DNS is good at blocking these sites consider changing your DNS to Comodo and your browser search to between these two they'll keep you away from most phishing sites
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