Calcule Uptime in days and minutes excel

Good Morning

I would like to calculate the uptime of a server.

I have a column with the last date and time the server was restarted.

I have another column of "uptime days minutes" and I want this column to show the time in days and minutes that the server is active.

I tried the formula below but it did not work

= B2-now ()

       A                                                B                                                                          C
Server Name                             Last_Restart                                                   Uptime days minutes
Server02                  2017-02-25 15:00:04.253                                        = B2-now ()
Server03                  2017-01-08 05:47:40.570      
Server04                  2017-02-14 05:40:58.500      
Server01                  2017-01-10 05:49:52.830      
Server05                  2017-01-08 09:02:33.167      
Server06                  2017-03-29 09:05:56.940      
Server07                  2017-02-25 15:14:06.887      
Server08                  2017-01-13 00:35:18.460      
Server09                  2017-01-15 07:20:50.007      
Server10                  2017-03-02 04:39:08.227      
Server11                  2017-01-31 03:25:42.250      
Server12                  2017-02-20 10:00:52.463      

Can anybody help me
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Change the format to [mm]

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pls try
=INT(NOW()-B2)&" day(s) "&TEXT((NOW()-B2)-INT(NOW()-B2);"[mm]")&" Minute(s)"

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ShumsExcel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Try below:
=IF(TEXT(TODAY(),"d")-TEXT($B1,"d")>1,DAY(TODAY()-$B1)&" Days "&HOUR(NOW()-$B1)&" Hours "& MINUTE(NOW()-$B1)&" Minutes ",HOUR(NOW()-$B1)&" Hours "& MINUTE(NOW()-$B1)&" Minutes ")

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Support_38Author Commented:

For me it is giving error, I think I am doing something wrong.

You can put it in the worksheet that is attached.

Thank you.
ShumsExcel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Please find attached...
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
RGonzo that only gives minutes, not days and minutes. I presume user wants days, hours and minutes rather than just days and minutes.

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ShumsExcel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Corrected formula:
=IF(TEXT(TODAY(),"d")-TEXT($B2,"d")>1,DAY(TODAY()-DAY($B2))&" Days "&HOUR(NOW()-HOUR($B2))&" Hours "& MINUTE(NOW()-MINUTE($B2))&" Minutes ",HOUR(NOW()-HOUR($B2))&" Hours "& MINUTE(NOW()-MINUTE($B2))&" Minutes ")

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Try this:

=INT(TEXT(NOW()-B2,"[m]")/1440)&" Days "&TEXT(TIME(INT(MOD(TEXT(NOW()-B2,"[m]"),1440)/60),TEXT(NOW()-B2,"[m]")-(INT(TEXT(NOW()-B2,"[m]")/1440)*1440)-(INT(MOD(TEXT(NOW()-B2,"[m]"),1440)/60)*60),0),"hh:mm")

Format can be General as the result is a text string.

Using RGonzo's formula to get total number of minutes then converts that value into Days Hours and Minutes.

See Attached.

Rob H
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Alex, thanks for accepting my comment but unfortunately the file that is attached to that comment had the wrong formula; the day element was incorrect.
Support_38Author Commented:
It is true,

I did not notice the detail of the day
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