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VPN Server Configuration in windows 7


 I was configured everything in my PC.I have a VPN client & VPN server in my 2 local machines .And i was open all remote ports in firewall in both machines.And i configured TCP-1723 port open in our router using PPTP in DLink DIR-816.

 Now i try to connect VPN server from VPN client machine.After enter the VPN server  credentials it will connection loading 5 seconds after that I got a error message (Error 806:The VPN connection bw your computer & VPN server could not be completed.The most common cause for this failure is that a least one internet device bw your computer & VPN server is not config to allow Generic routing encapsulation (GRE) protocols packets).

Please solve this issue.I am ready to give my ream viewer also please fix this issue. what can i do?
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Michael Link
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You are correct with the PPTP port for 1723.

If this is using the GRE protocol also this would be port 47 you need to allow.
You have to open port 47, and configure port forwarding same as you may have done it for port 1723
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Tamilarasu P


I was tried open port 47 also bt not connected again same error showing
Are you using PPTP on the DLink or are you passing this through to a Windows Server running RRAS?
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Hi all,

  I tried all these above methods.again showing same error
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Have you looked into how IP addresses are getting assigned, etc for the VPN users? That is usually where I had to look for final resolution of issues in some cases.