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Distinguished username as email address

Last Modified: 2017-04-06
I am looking for some feedback on this question, not necessarily a solution.

We use Intronis cloud backups for our environment. Intronis offers Exchange 2013 item level backups which we would like to implement. To implement them though we would need to take the distinguished username of all users in AD and set them up to be an email address in Exchange. This would look something like username@domain.lan. Personally, I think it's an awful setup but I will also say that I don't know of the consequences of setting up these new email addresses. Our users have legitimate email addresses that would be set as their default address, the new distinguished email address would be a secondary address and would never be used to send email, only to be used for the Intronis backups.

I am looking for feedback from different IT folks about this, your thoughts, and any potential pitfalls you think we might encounter by doing this.

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Thanks Mike. Not sure what your OSB software is or how this works for you, but for Intronis they require this type of setup. We have also used StorageGuardian and they use a much better setup which only requires a service account with the correct credentials.
Michael LinkInfrastructure Engineer

The OSB software we use is Asigra - it doesnt seem much work to implement it, but I don't know why you need that type of setup.

We use Asigra for 100's of customers and have done for years and seems okay!


Asigra is what we used under StorageGuardian. It's a great product. We're changing our solution due to cost. With the Intronis solution we are getting a flat rate independent of storage size used.