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How to dump output to csv file

I have the script below that runs fine, but I cannot get it to dump to a csv file. the output file is created, but it's empty. What am I missing?

Get-Content E:\rdefino\verify_alias\aliases_list.txt | % {$proxy = "smtp:"+$_.tostring().trim(); if(Get-ADObject -Filter {proxyaddresses -eq $proxy} ) {Write-Host "Found: $proxy"} else {Write-Host "Not Found: $proxy"}} | Export-Csv  E:\rdefino\verify_alias\alias_output.csv
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First of all, I formatted your script:
Get-Content E:\rdefino\verify_alias\aliases_list.txt |
  % {
    $proxy = "smtp:"+$_.tostring().trim()
    if(Get-ADObject -Filter {proxyaddresses -eq $proxy})
      Write-Host "Found: $proxy"
    } else {
      Write-Host "Not Found: $proxy"
  } | Export-Csv  E:\rdefino\verify_alias\alias_output.csv

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Chris is correct.
If you really want the text output only, use Write-Output instead of Write-Host, and Out-File instead of Export-CSV.