Extract file and folder contents from zip files similar as to a batch process

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Is there a batch process we can use to extract a series of files from a series of zip files?  For example, we have over 300+ zip files and  want to extract all the files & folders with "dvsum*.*" to a temp area.  The files extracted we need to have their "saved" folder name appear as they  where originally zipped.  Example, original files was in "c:\buss2\dv" folder and want to extract them to a temp folder "c:\temp" for analysis, but within this  Temp folder we want their original location, thus "c:\temp\buss2\dv".
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You need to purchase the WinZip Command Line add-on for this work


You can use the command line to extract files of your choice from WinZip files.
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Another free zip tool that does the job is 7-zip.

Here is the command line that works for your case.
Make a file extract7z.bat with this code.
for %%a in ("c:\myfolderoffiles\*.zip") do 7z x "%%a" "buss2\dv\dvsum*.*" -r -oc:\temp\buss2\dv

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