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Windows Server 12 and Office 2016 Application


We recently just upgraded to Windows 12 Server in our organization which grants users access to our common directory to store and retrieve documents. After the upgrade, some users started experiencing issues saving documents while working in Office 2016. The end users displays the following message when attempting to save a document, "Someone else is working in "H:\COMMON\XLDATA\Shear's\Shearer's Returns\Mission RA-DA Request 032717.xlsx' right now. Please try again later".  We also receive the following message when attempting to save a file to this common directory on this new server: "Excel cannot save the file to this location. To save the changes and avoid losing data in your file, click the File tab, point to Save As and click Excel Workbook, and then specify a location on your computer." I've attached a couple of snippets to show the messages our users are receiving. We have also checked the permission for the shared folder with the group and users on this new server. I appreciate any insight or suggestions to resolving this inquiry.

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