USA Brother MFC suitable for UK countries?

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
I'm in a country that uses UK power system (ie 220-240V).

I'm looking at Brother MFC-J480DW & MFC-J680DW which is
selling for about US$143 & US$168 here while in eBay, they're
listed for US$94 to US$110 in eBay:

Our local Brother says the eBay units are under Brother USA's warranty
(not international warranty) & uses 110-120V & local Brother can't service
them in the event of faults.

I ever bought US electronics & use converter but in most cases, the equipment
got burnt or don't last long (eg: bladeless fan & white noise generator).   Should
I take the chance with Brother MFCs or has anyone tried them in a UK-power
system country before with good success?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
After the customs fees, import duty and shipping on the unit are all paid, it will probably be quite a bit cheaper to buy it locally.
Distinguished Expert 2018
I wouldn't recommend it for the exact reasons that Dr. Klahn mentioned. Plus with the lack of warranty, the need for stepdown converters, and so on, you're not saving any money at the end of the day. The only way it is worth it is the cost different is huge, the import duties aren't too high, and it already has a built in dual voltage power source. An inexpensive Brother printer like this doesn't even remotely meet that criteria.

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