local administrator account has full access on domain file server

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We have some computers that, when you log in with the local administrator account, it has full access to all the file folders on the domain server. All of these folders have specific NTFS permissions assigned to them, each of which is an active directory user account on the domain.  How can a local admin that doesn't even have an AD account on the domain get full access? We really need to take that away from that account.
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If the local admin account name and password match a local admin account on the domain file server, then the account will have the same access as the local admin account on the server.
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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I've seen this situation once.

Computer was part of domain but only local user was log on.
After investigation we're realized that user login name and password is exactly same as domain user who has access to server share.
MacleanSystem Engineer
I think the above two are pretty spot on.
Its perhaps an idea to rename the local admin account, which should avoid such issues.
Or get used to logging in as .\Administrator to make sure its local.

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