zimbra - size restrcition in sending to email groups

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Need to restrict users from sending big attachments to certain email groups due to large bandwidth consumption in Zimbra.

Only some users are permitted to send to those big groups but still sending big attachments are making large bandwidth consumption and making the network very slow on occasions.

any suggestions please.
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You can restrict size based on which email address a user is sending to.

You can limit attachment size and message size globally for all users or .depending on which version of zimbra you may be able to use the following for individual user:

zmprov ma email.adress@domain.com amavisMessageSizeLimit 33554432

This will affect the email size ( the attachment + all the text in the email body) so take into account both when setting this value.


Thank you for the response 👍
Actually i tried this command but not worked as i was trying to restrict mail size to a specific DL.
Whether the command only apply for email ids with mailbox and not DLs?
whether we need to restart any services after this?
Whether it will affect both incoming and outgoing mails?-In my case I want to restrict people sending big attachments to a large DL.
This command will not work on distribution lists it only works on user mailboxes. It will affect both incoming and outgoing mail.

You can  only limit attachment size globally for the whole server and all users

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