SQL Need to calculate age from DOB, no stored procedures or functions or views

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I need to calculate age from today in years.   The date is stored in a Varchar(255)  type.   It has a format like  YYYY-mm-dd  ex 1971-02-12.  I am guaranteed it will always be a valid date.  The database version is SQL 2005.

This  must be in T-SQL I can not create a store procedure , function or view.  It is part of an upgrade of an FDA validated database and can not create new.  Don't like it but that's the government regulating.  I know this is easier to do with a function, have down it before with functions.  Do not have that ability at the moment

Thank You
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select datediff(hour,'1992-04-09',getdate())/8766  'this is trunc version

select CONVERT(int,ROUND(DATEDIFF(hour,'1992-04-09',GETDATE())/8766.0,0))   ' this is TRUNC version

if you run this two you can see they can ve difference between them you choose the best one for your case. (if you use earlier monthsthen both give the same result)
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Thank You. With a few mods that worked.
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