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Hi All,
I am running Access 2016 (32 Bit) in a multi-User environment.  My database keeps crashing because files keep getting locked.    I have it set to No Locks. It seems to work sometimes and but on the very busy payroll days it crashes frequently.  The crash usually happens when copying and pasting or deleting.  I have copied MSORUN.dll to Windows/SYSWOW64.  Because some options in the Main Menu were not linking.  Any help or idea’s would be great.
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If it were me, I'd be looking to move the backend to SQL Server, which manages user locks a lot better. You may have to look further than just migrating the tables, but once done, it will create a much better user experience.

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   You need to be a little more specific on what you mean by "crashing".   In general, Access DB's don't simply crash through locking.

  Also, "no locks" is a misnomer; it means no edited record locks., not that there are no locks being taken.   In a DBMS, locking is always done to protect the integrity of changes.

  What exactly is going on?   Are your users getting an error message or write conflict dialog?  If so, are they using Ctrl/Alt/Del?  


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