Embedded SQL Server 2008 Workgroup license mobility

We have an application (GoldMine 2014) that came with SQL 2008 Workgroup. We need to move this server to AWS EC2 instance. My understanding is that in general with standalone SQL license you can only to do it if you have Software Assurance. We of course don't have it as it came with the software. Have you guys seen situation where it was eligible to use embedded SQL DB in the cloud? Please don't ask me to call MS and ask them, as asking 3 diff MS reps may give me3 diff answers. I'm just asking what have you seen in real world scenarios

Peter MikulaAsked:
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Doug CastellEmperorCommented:
A few things:
  • GoldMine didn't bundle SQL with version 2014 -- the last time they bundled SQL was version 9, I think.
  • SQL 2008 is the oldest version of SQL listed as usable for GoldMIne 2014.  
  • If you're still under maintenance, you could speak to GoldMine support about your SQL license and potentially take it with you to your cloud server.
  • If your new server is Windows 2012 or newer, you may have trouble installing SQL 2008 (not R2)
  • You could always use SQL 2014 Express (free) on your new platform, unless your user/activity levels in GoldMine dictate otherwise.

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Peter MikulaAuthor Commented:

My GM consultant (she's been doing GM for many years) said SQL 2008 came with their GoldMine 2014, would have to double check
SQL 2008 is officially supported on 2012 R2 but has to have SP3, but I can see there could be potential issues
The main DB is 25GB so SQL Express won't cut it

Thank you
Doug CastellEmperorCommented:
I've been doing nothing but GoldMine since 1997 when I worked for GoldMine tech support and was later on the development team.

You're right, my mistake, 2008 w/sp3 is supported on windows 2012.  For some reason I was remembering that it required SQL 2008 R2.  

I believe GoldMine stopped shipping MSSQL licenses in October of 2013.  

My records show them shipping MSSQL 2008 R2 with version 9.0 and version 2013 of GoldMine.  

I don't believe they shipped SQL with any version of 2014.  

You'd want to dig up your original "Delivery Note and License Certificate" from Frontrange, however, to see what version you received.

I suspect you probably received SQL 2008 with GoldMine 8.0 (or 8.5) and subsequently updated your GoldMine version under maintenance.
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Peter MikulaAuthor Commented:
Doug, thanks for your insight. That's my suspicion they had older version of GM then upgraded GM to 2014. Previous IT guys is gone and we trying to figure this out

Doug CastellEmperorCommented:
Check in with GoldMine/HEAT if they're still current on maintenance.  If the SQL license originally came from them, they may be able to supply  the serial so you can migrate it (along with your GoldMine) to the new server.
Peter MikulaAuthor Commented:
the client is not on support anymore, but the rep said the would not be able to provide a license key, we need to have our original CD, which we are looking for now :-)
Doug CastellEmperorCommented:
If I'm not mistaken, they distributed the same original installation media to everyone.  Your GoldMine Partner ought to be able to supply a copy.
Peter MikulaAuthor Commented:
I will ask
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