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Windows Server 2012 Image Settings

I have two different sets of virtual servers for web development hosted at two different hosting companies. I assumed, incorrectly, when I set these two separate environments up that the images applied to the servers would be the same. Even though both sets of servers are running Windows Server 2012 Standard, the images are quite different. This has caused countless hours of searching for and resolving a problem in one environment only to have that problem reappear when code is moved to the other environment. Most of the time the resolution is different for each environment which causes more time and issues to track down and fix.

Since the servers are hosted with different providers I cannot move a full image from one server to another because of licensing restrictions. Is there any way to transfer pull and transfer all the settings from one image to another? If I could replicate the setup from my primary environment to my secondary environment it would save me countless days and weeks of wasted time solving problems twice in two different ways.
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I was afraid that was going to be the answer. I have tried to go through GoDaddy support and find out what their image settings are, but no one seems to know what I am talking about when I ask the question. My primary hosting solution, Rackspace, has a very stable and useable image. It is the image that I get through GoDaddy which is causing all of the headaches.

I will look at DSC just to see if that provides me any relief. But I am concerned it may not account for all the differences in the base images.