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Xerox Workcentre 7830 Scan to File via SMB

Fred Marshall
Last Modified: 2017-04-24
This is a small office with 4 Windows 10 computers and a Xerox Workcentre 7830 Printer, Scanner, Fax machine.
The office practice is to scan documents into a "scans" file folder on each computer.
The address book lists each computer.
They are generally addressed via their fixed IP address on the LAN subnet.
As nearly as I can tell, the Sharing, Security settings for the folders are the same.
The file sharing SMB IN and OUT port 443 are the same on the Windows firewalls.
File sharing and security is generally for Everyone and Guest.  I don't think that Everyone would help but it's there.
Networking is set to not require passwords for file shares.

Some computers have been having intermittent scan results.
Some scans (or today, almost all scans) are failing on 3 out of the 4 computers.
One computer continues to work.
There is nothing much to say about the physical network - all the computers are homed into a single router as is the printer.

The printer controls and tools seem to be failry simple and I haven't found any logs to examine, etc.

What should I be using and looking for to fix this?
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Jason JohanknechtIT Manager

Make sure the Network type is not set to PUBLIC.  They must be PRIVATE.  Also check your antivirus/firewall.  Try disabling the firewall for testing purposes.  I have never tried working with Windows 10 and disabling the password requirement, so not sure if that is a concern.  Can each computer that fails ping and bring up the web interface of the Xerox?
Fred MarshallPrincipal


Yes, the network type is PRIVATE.  
I've not tried disabling the firewall but have checked the port rules are enabled.  Not a bad idea though...
All of the computers can ping and open the web interface of the Xerox.

I'm doing this remotely now so would like a way to test the file transfer without loading paper.
Jason JohanknechtIT Manager

What antivirus/firewall are you using?  I have not had any issues with Xerox with most common AV suites.
Jason JohanknechtIT Manager

Except Symantec End Point for scanning.  I will get you that information if that is your AV.
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Jason JohanknechtIT Manager

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