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Jiří Beneš
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Hello guys,

any suggestions how to effectively sync/backup files from windows machine to linux?
I need to synchronize couple folders every day. Complete size is about 22GBs but only 4GBs are daily updated. So I need to synch it once and then just run differencials.
Is there any option like rSync?

Thank you!!
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You could use a samba share on the Linux host, map this as a network drive and use Robocopy to sync the files.
You can add sync, or also delete files on destination too if removed from source. there are lots of command line options for robocopy and a few tutorials online.
Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator
If you want something with snapshots and past versions you could look at RSnapshot on a linux box...
Hardlinkbackup is much easier for Windows users to manage snapshot backups.  It should maintain Windows file ownership and permissions better than rsnapshot. 

If you don't care about windows file ownership and permissions, you can just use cwrsync over standard ssh and copy the files to the linux system.
Well, the backup process can be a bit lengthy for you in this case. I can offer the best solution from my point of view. You can have local to NAS to cloud backup. Of course, in case you are scared about the data security you can always encrypt it. The software that you can use is Cloudberry. It worked with me pretty well in the same situation, but it is a bit long if the Internet is not speedy.
Myles CapenNetwork Administrator
I would suggest creating a samba share on the linux machine, then use a program such as Syncovery to sync from the windows machine to the samba box.

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