my printer HP laserjet 1320 is not printing. When I switch it on it starts normally then the triangle sign light keeps on blinking.
Please help!!
Furaha AdamsonIT TECHNICIANAsked:
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Tahir QureshiSystem AnalystCommented:
please check for paper (there may be paper jam)

or triangle basically mean an hardware fault (Fuse)

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Most likely a paper jam as Tahir Qureshi states above.

See for a range of troubleshooting steps to the problem.  Most likely a paper jam under the toner cartridge.
Here's what the User Manual has to say about the lights:

1 Wireless light: (HP LaserJet 1320nw printer only) When the Wireless light is on solid, a wireless connection has been established. When the Wireless light is off, wireless operation is disabled. When the Wireless light is flashing, the printer is trying to establish a wireless connection.
2 Toner light: When the toner is low, the Toner light is on solid. When the print cartridge is out of the printer, the Toner light is flashing.
3 Attention light: Indicates printer media input tray is empty, print cartridge door is open, print cartridge is missing, or other errors. See Printer information pages for more information.
4 Ready light: Indicates that the printer is ready to print.

They are listed in order, from top to bottom.
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Furaha AdamsonIT TECHNICIANAuthor Commented:
I tried to check for paper jam, there wasn't. If the case is a fuser, what are procedures to repair it?
When checking for paper jams, make sure you check the entire paper path, from the paper tray through to the exit of the fuser. It's possible there is a small piece of paper stuck somewhere. Did you ever clear a jam but the paper got torn in the process? That is the most likely reason for small bits of paper to get left behind.

Whenever you clear a paper jam, always try to pull the paper in the direction it normally moves (I know that's not always possible). This is one of the main reasons paper will tear, as it can get stuck at some of the little "flags" that tell the printer where the paper is. Pulling backwards also risks dislodging or even breaking one of those flags. When that happens, the printer will think there is paper where the flag should be, and indicate a jam. These flags are usually little black plastic things. So if you find something like that you'll know what the problem is - and your printer most likely needs repair. Many paper rollers in the printer also do not want to roll backwards; this again makes tearing more likely.

If you have the HP Toolbox Software installed, see if that can give you more information about the problem, as the printer's processor will have a good idea as to what's wrong - it just has no way of telling you as it has no display panel.

As for the fuser, this is a user replaceable item, but for a low-cost printer the price is often similar to that of a new printer. Search "hp laserjet 1320 fuser assembly" to find suppliers in your area. As the fuser is usually supplied as part of a maintenance kit (which also includes replacement pick rollers etc) you may want to search for that instead of just the fuser. Installation instructions are here.
and test the printer first without PC, run a self test
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Questioner has not come back.

Most likely problem is a paper jam as suggested by Tahir Qureshi.
dbrunton supplied a link to troubleshooting this problem.
hdhondt contributed a number of good posts on finding paper jams and troubleshooting the printer.
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