Javascript Regex

Hello all,
Im trying to create a function that would search through a string and then replace :something with '$something'

For example:
select * from internal where id = :id and name=:kn_op_id

would result in

select * from internal where id = '$id' and name='$kn_op_id'

Can anyone help?
Stephen ForlanceAsked:
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pls try
var str   = 'select * from internal where id = :id and name=:kn_op_id';
var regex = /:\b(.+?)\b/;
str = str.replace(regex, "'\$$1'");

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Stephen ForlanceAuthor Commented:
Hi, for the first match its actually coming back as id = '$1' instead of $id
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
result = subject.replace(/:(\w+)/g, "'$$$1'");


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Julian HansenCommented:
Why have you posted this to the JavaScript Topic Area - is there a JavaScript component to it - looks more like MySQL / PHP
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
@Julian: that's plain SQL.
If the OP wants to modify SQL queries using JS, where is the problem?
Stephen ForlanceAuthor Commented:
Julian - its a javascript question regarding regex manipulation of a string.
Julian HansenCommented:

Just trying to establish what the background is - when you see an SQL query with $ variables (PHP) in a JavaScript context it raises questions - I was just making sure I completely understand the context before attempting a solution.
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